Inventory management for distributors: 3 KPIs you can know with NetSuite

Are your inventory management systems aligned with your business objectives? KPIs can help you know the progress of the different processes and determine which results are working and which require a greater effort. Netsuite is an integrated solution perfect for inventory management for distributors, with it you can monitor several indicators in an agile and simple way. 

3 KPI for distributors that you can manage with NetSuite

Netsuite has a module that will allow you to carry out inventory management for distributors. This way your business will be able to evaluate this management using several metrics for different business operations related to inventory management.

Sales KPIs

3 KPIs para la Gestión de inventario para distribuidoresThese KPIs help your Company to be more competitive. By knowing data, such as inventory turnover rate, you can determine if you have too much inventory compared to what you are selling. 

You will also be able to know the efficiency of a supply chain with a KPI such as the direct sales rate, or the backorder rate to know how well you are fulfilling customer orders or demands. In general, sales indicators can help you optimize the performance of your sales team.

Operational KPIs

KPIs operativos para Gestión de inventario para distribuidores

Other inventory management KPIs for distributors that you can know and manage with Netsuite are the operational ones, which show how well your company is performing and allow you to improve processes to keep customers satisfied.

Among these indicators, you can know the lost sales ratio, which indicates the number of days a product is out of stock; or the perfect order rate, a metric that indicates the number of orders shipped without a problem. Within the operational KPIs, you can also know indicators such as average inventory, inventory holding cost, customer satisfaction score, among others.

KPIs for employee control

KPIs de venta para These are the KPIs that measure employee job performance. This is an important metric because if these results are good, it means that the Company will be more productive. Increased staff efficiency also translates into cost savings for both the business and its customers. 

Included are metrics such as labor cost per item, which is what the company spends to produce one unit of product; and labor cost per hour, which is what the company spends on one employee per hour.


If you want to carry out good inventory management for distributors, these KPIs offered by NetSuite will be very useful. By analyzing these indicators you will be able to improve customer relations and satisfaction, increase sales and revenue, and in general, make your company financially competitive.


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