Know the advantages of Business Process Automation

automatización de procesos de negocioBusiness Process Automation (BPA) is a relevant tendency within the organizational digitization that has been promoted for the past several years. That it is why it seems important to us that you understand what it means and what are its advantages.

What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Business Process Automation, is a process that involves the automation of an organization’s operation through technology to save costs, improve productivity  and consolidate efficiency.


Its implementation depends on information solutions and the integration of apps with the purpose of eliminating the most repetitive and simple tasks. You can include BPA in your business when you have a series of predictable steps, no human intervention is needed to complete them, and are consistent and free of possible errors.


automatización de procesos de negocioThis can also be done independently or as part of a broader strategy, that could include:

  • BPM. Is the management of processes for the company, being a systematic methodology of continuous improvement.
  • BPI. In business process improvement. You use automation as a small part or as a general solution.
  • BPR. Through business reengineering, you also address the optimization of processes to rebuild them from scratch.



Advantages of implementing Business Process Automation

The application of business process automation is based on several basic premises: simplicity, consistency, flexibility, integration with existent tasks, step-by-step approach, and staff training.

automatización de procesos de negocioIncorporating process automation into your business includes several benefits:


  • Reinforces management. Since all processes are automatically documented, you get accurate records of each task performed. Thus, any manager or executive can monitor activities from a single interface.


  • Reduces operational costs. By decreasing the rate of human error and facilitating digital document management, SMEs can save a lot of money. In addition, the use of specialized software improves workflow without costly rework.


  • Increases productivity. Tasks such as invoice payment, reporting, and data backup can be automated without difficulty. Business process automation reduces errors and allows employees more time for strategic tasks.


automatización de procesos de negociosOur recommendation for getting your business process automation off to a good start begins with the implementation of SmartFlow. This Microsoft Azure application makes it easy for you to optimize your workflows. Ask us about how this solution can help you.

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  1. It’s great that you talked about business automation and how it helps manage your minor tasks. Recently, one of my cousins said he’s interested in investing in a business idea. My cousin’s all about technology, and I think he’d be interested in process automation, so I’ll be sure to share your tips with him. Thanks for the advice on how to improve your operational efficiency.

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