Learn about the Power BI benefits for your business

Power BI con informes muy visualesThe data that companies accumulate is a key source of information for the management of a business. Learn about the benefits of Power BI and see how it makes sense of that information, through its 360º view of your organization and highly visual dashboards and reports. It is software that simplifies processes, so departments can work in a faster, more efficient and personalized way.


Power BI benefits for your business

Data management and analysis through a single dashboard.

A centralized solution that allows you to manage data and perform analysis from a single dashboard. You will be able to have a comprehensive view of your business and visualize relevant metrics in detail and in real-time. Thanks to this, the company unifies all its information in the same space, allowing you to detect changes or setbacks to apply timely corrections and thus increase business efficiency.

It integrates with multiple services and tools

One of the main integrations of Power BI is with Excel. Your company can easily connect Excel reports, data models and queries to Power BI dashboards. This tool can also integrate with ArcGIS Maps from ESRI (geo-marketing company) for your business to perform advanced spatial analysis and visualize data on geographic maps. In addition, Power BI integrates with other Microsoft services like SharePoint and Dynamics 365, and with third party services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Facebook, among others. 

It is constantly updated

Power BI not only has very useful functions for data processing, but it is also a tool that is constantly updated. This means that this service will never be outdated. Every week and month you will be able to receive functionality and feature enhancements that improve the service. Best of all, these ideas are gathered from the Microsoft Power BI community where different business intelligence experts are connected.

In summary, what are the benefits of Power BI?

Power BI is a solution with which your company will be able to focus on its data and get the most out of it, as well as easily model data and create customized reports. In addition, it is a tool that all employees can access from anywhere they need it, since it works in the cloud, and is multiplatform.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that Power BI offers to transform your business and make it a more productive one, contact us. At Fusionworks we can help you implement it.


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