Microsoft Dynamics GP

Automation • Productivity • Efficiency


Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP software that allows you to automate and centralize all your sales, marketing and customer service processes in one place. Access all the information you need and get complete visibility of your organization for better decision making.

Improve the quality of your services with

Microsoft Dynamics GP


Consolidate your sales processes and maximize resources with a complete tool.


What does Microsoft Dynamics GP offer for your business?

Microsoft Dynamics GP centralizes your sales and customer service cycles in one place

  • A complete end-to-end solution
  • Simplicity in integrations and constant updates
  • Easy to use
  • Reduction of task time
  • Increase efficiency of your sales channels
  • Control of your finance, inventory and operations department
  • Flexibility
  • Better decision making for your business
  • Complete information on your sales department, marketing channels and customers
  • Visibility of the company

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Efficiency and productivity in one integrated solution

Increase employee productivity with applications that combine documents, data, and information

Financial Management and Accounting

Control cash, assets, and banking with an integrated solution.

Inventory and Operations Management

Track and edit inventory, orders, returns, and suppliers.

Sales and Service

Manage your contacts, sales channels, sales opportunities and service contracts.

Human Resources and Payroll

Hire, train and pay your team with the help of comprehensive employee profiles tools.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Gain real-time visibility and analysis to track performance and act with insight.

What industries can seize the advantages of

Microsoft Dynamics GP?




Food Chain






Non for profit



Fusionworks Dynamics GP Support and Services

We have specialized consultants focused on providing service and support to your Dynamics GP Platform. Request a platform assessment, maximize your platform utilization, refresh your people skills with learning and development trainings, and more!



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Improve your time tasks and resources with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Control the finance, inventory and operations department

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful tool that will help you understand, manage and optimize your company’s sales cycles, marketing channels and customer service. Increase productivity, save costs, get a full view of your company and make smarts decisions that will lead you to reach your business goals

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