Microsoft Power BI: Optimize your business data analysis

Microsoft Power BIMaybe your business, like many others, has a wealth of information stored in different sources that are not related. As for data analysis, this represents a critical problem. For this reason, today we are going to explore what Microsoft Power BI can to do to keep your business model current.

The power of business intelligence solutions

BI is a set of tools and techniques for the transformation of raw or unprocessed data into information that is significant and useful for business analysis and decision-making purposes, mainly focused in aligning the BI project with the strategic objectives of a business.
It is a set of resources like apps, software, connectors, and more that work together to organize information. Its purpose is to integrate the isolated databases (Excel, servers, cloud, etc.), to have a consistent flow of information. This allows personalized development, different levels of modeling, and real-time data analysis.
A solution like Microsoft Power BI consists of a desk application, mobile apps (Windows, Android, and iOS), an online SaaS service, and an internal report server. This configuration facilitates the visualization of data, its interpretation, and processing according to the department and the creation of introspective reports that promote efficiency.

Why choose Microsoft Power BI?

Initially, because it is about a free downloading program that works for a whole company, and for each of its collaborators. Also, you get a data analysis that is more in tune with your objectives and it stands out for:

Microsoft Power BIA clearer vision of the information

With Microsoft Power BI you can get a general overview that allows you to identify patterns and tendencies quickly. Likewise, you can find relevant data between the different sources and communicate this information in an effective manner.

Identification of risks and opportunities

This solution facilitates the visualization of information at once. This contributes to the creation of dynamic and reusable models. Its functions can also help visualize tendencies and react to them diligently. Also, you get a deeper understanding because of the visualization of data in real time.

Making more objective decisions

Microsoft Power BIIt is a predictive tool for many options and it contains visual resources for better identification. Together with a detailed data analysis to break down the information, it eliminates de silos of data in your business.
Microsoft Power BI is a very complete solution to unify information through a non-localized design. It also allows the cycle of life of deep analysis and to enable visual models of your business data.

If you need help with getting the most out of it, we hope you contact us.

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