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Transform your business with Microsoft Power BI. With Fusionworks and Microsoft Power BI, you can visualize your data, analyze it and improve efficiency. Increase your productivity and enhance your business strategy by making better decisions.


Visualize your data in real time with Power BI

Are you ready for the evolution of your company?

Fusionworks + Microsoft Power BI


Transform your business with Fusionworks and Microsoft Power BI

We are ready to guide your company in its digital transformation. As experts in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse, we can make your company grow, optimize your processes, and increase your productivity.

We believe in actionable BI, create a culture of business intelligence in your company.
With the right solution, our technical knowledge, we can take your company to another level.

We believe in actionable BI

Get our support and the right tool to grow your business

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Microsoft Power BI: the right Business

Intelligence tool for your data visualization

Find out everything your data can tell you to improve your internal processes

Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence suite that allows you to get reports and data visualization of products, services, and teams in real-time. With Power BI, you have the possibility of integrating it with other Microsoft products so you can have a better view of your processes .

Get company-wide data visibility

Strategic indicators will help you get a better view and improve decision making

Connection and

Easy to connect and manage, create customized reports and get control of your data.

Efficiency and

Increase the productivity of your departments by identifying internal problems with effective data analysis.

Update data analysis
and reports

Power BI dashboard is updated in real time, allowing you to resolve any issues quickly.


Why Power BI?


Power Bi is a scalable and unified business intelligence platform. Easy to use this platform will allow you to get a deeper insight into your operations.

It also will give you reports, statistics, and internal behavior, with strategic indicators that will help you make decisions.


Are you ready for change and innovation in your company?


Increase the chances of identifying internal problems with a clear data visualization

Create data dashboard

Create and share data dashboards to meet your company's needs and identify internal issues

Reduces cost

Flexible architecture adapted to any company.Reduces cost with an analytic platform.

Analyze market trends

Analyzes trends and follows data behavior patterns

Make smartest decisions

Achieve powerful results by making smart decisions

Get meaningful data insights

Find meaningful insights with data visualization

Connect it with Office 365

Connect Power BI with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and other Microsoft apps.

Let's grow your business

Fusionworks and Microsoft Power BI fit your business commitments and goals. With strategic indicators and a quality deliverable we guide you to create a culture of business strategy





Create reports, customize your
KPI's on the Power BI Dashboard

Analyze data at any scale

Connect your departments and access your data from any device. Get fast answers in real time.

Why Fusionworks?


18 years of experience helping companies grow.

Clear view of your business processes.

Fast Deployment and high-tech solutions

Adaptability has never been more important, that’s why you need a partner and solution that fit your business

We offer strategic assessment to improve the quality of your operational procedures

Why Fusionworks?

18 years of proven experience

Helping companies grow to their full potential. Some of the Fusionworks strategic partners include NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, and Prophix.

Over 50 qualified consultants

With business and technology expertise. A team of good and knowledgeable professionals who help organizations become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale.

Client-centric consulting firm

We satisfy our customers by putting productivity tools in hands of the people who actually use them, no matter the industry.

Adaptability has never been more important,

that’s why you need a partner and solution that fit your business.



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