Modern vs traditional finance: ERP as a key solution for the digital transformation of your company

ERPAt this point, you have surely understood that the management of company’s finance must advance at the rhythm of the digital transformation.  Therefore, spreadsheets and accounting programs are being replaced by more effective ERP solutions.  If you do not want your business to stay behind, you need to update the administrative management.

Administrative advantages of ERP for digital transformation

With the purpose of establishing an operational equilibrium, ERP software has management tools with great versatility. Also, allowing to control assets, revenues, and expenses, helps protect sensitive financial information, promotes profitability strategies, and adjusts to scalability needs.

ERPAmong the natural advantages, the following stand out:

  • Protected information:  This solution keeps the integrity of the database and safeguards the most important financial activities.
  • Precise data: Besides the basic accounting, this system reduces duplicate entries, improving the creation of forecasts and budgets.  It also facilitates categorization of expenses, bank integration, and enables zero error audits.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The change of financial standards requires timely adjustments. This system is capable of incorporating statutes like ASC 606 and IFRS 15, quickly adapting to regulatory changes.
  • Operational interconnection: Integration of departments and operational areas reduce the complexity in the management of processes.  This is intended to align financial data, optimizing the communications of the divisions involved.
  • Stricter controls: This management system allows the implementation of more rigorous internal norms.  This way, you can avoid fraud or felonies and assign functions for risk management and business compliance.

Why opt for Oracle ERP for the digital transformation of your company

ERPRegarded as one of the most versatile solutions of the market, Oracle ERP has an advanced and flexible accounting functionality. That is why it is recommended for the majority of the business models and companies of different sizes.

Oracle ERP stands out for benefits such as:

  • Incorporated webpage to strengthen the exchange with partners, clients and providers.
  • Facilitates complex tasks related to price allocations, as tax calculation, rates, promotions, sales tax and more.
  • Solid IT architecture and easy management of database.
  • Great functional capability for production, administrative and communication processes.
  • Intuitive interface, digital worksheet, integration with social media, and other tools.

ERPIf you wish to leave behind traditional methods for an advanced management ERP, in Fusionworks we can help you. Our experts in information solutions guarantee a quick and painless transition. 

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  1. I really like the way you have explained ERP and Oracle ERP. The images that you have used in this post are so amazing. I will definitely use this software and also share this post with my family and friends. I had heard about ERP but didn’t know much about it. But after reading your article I got a lot of insight into ERP. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and informative post.

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