NetSuite CRM

Get real-time, 360° visibility of your clients’ movements and preferences.

Know every step of your customers’ journey from lead to engagement, and anticipate their next steps in their lifecycle towards fidelization.

NetSuite CRM grants you the power of Sales Force Automation (SFA), Partner Relationship Management and Marketing Automation to deliver all you need to manage sales & quotes for your end users.

NetSuite CRM grants power, visibility and integrations

to meet your customers' needs




Get the right tools for attending every need of your customers.

Predict and offer new services and features that satisfy their requirements.

Answer to your customers’ inquiries even before they become aware of them, and prepare solid service offers to make them your Number One Fans.

Gain full visibility and predict what your clients want with NetSuite CRM

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Key functionalities and Areas to Scale towards Service Excellence

NetSuite CRM

Sales Force Automation

Grant organization in sales processes during their life cycle.

NetSuite CRM

Customer Service Management

Sales, support, service, and fulfillment in a single view of 360°.

NetSuite CRM

Marketing Automation

Effective campaigns to boost your sales opportunities.

 NetSuite CRM

Partner Relationship Management

Enrich visibility and enhance collaboration between you and your partners.

 NetSuite CRM

Mobile Integrations

Extend your action range farther away from your office.

Keep track on your client’s needs

from end-to-end

NetSuite CRM is also Sales Force Automation


NetSuite CRM covers a wide range of solutions specially designed to answer to your customers’ need






NetSuite CRM helps you to deeply understand your clients’ behavior



Customer Relationship Management tools complement Sales and Marketing departments, and stick them all together to enhancing the client’s experience.

Counting on the most popular Cloud-based solution, grants the comprehensive management of the entire life cycle of sales based upon your clients’ journey.