NetSuite CRM

Visibility • Control • Real Time Management

NetSuite CRM is a complete CRM solution that gives you a 360° view of your customers' processes. Sales Force Automation (SFA), Partner Relationship Management and Marketing Automation, gathered in one place.

All the lifecycle information of your customer’s journey within immediate reach. From lead to sales opportunities, to sales orders, renewals, fulfillment, cross-sell, upsell and support.




NetSuite CRM

Everything you need to improve your relationship with your client in one place!


Get the best tool to optimize the relationship with your customers with a 360° view of their process.


NetSuite CRM anticipates the needs of your customers and gives you a complete visibility of the customer's journey where you can control the lifecycle and give them just what they need. NetSuite CRM, also integrates different functions such as SFA, Customer Service Management and Marketing Automation. It also allows quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasting and integrated ecommerce capabilities.



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What does it bring to your business?

NetSuite CRM

Sales Force Automation

Automate your sales and boost your company with an integrated processes from sales and budget management, to order management and sales commission.

NetSuite CRM

Customer Service Management

Improve your customer satisfaction, reduce costs and offer a better support and boost your sales.

NetSuite CRM

Marketing Automation

Automate your entire marketing process. Improve your campaigns and align your sales team with your programs.

 NetSuite CRM

Partner Relationship Management

Improve the information flow in real time and increase visibility for better collaboration between your partners.

 NetSuite CRM


Access, upload and manage important data from mobile apps and satisfy your customers in real time< ./span>

Keep your customer’s track and increase your profits with NetSuite CRM


Keep your customer’s track and increase your profits with NetSuite CRM


NetSuite CRM covers a wide range of solutions specially designed to answer to your customers’ need






NetSuite CRM helps you to deeply understand your clients’ behavior



Customer Relationship Management tools complement Sales and Marketing departments, and stick them all together to enhancing the client’s experience.

Counting on the most popular Cloud-based solution, grants the comprehensive management of the entire life cycle of sales based upon your clients’ journey.