NetSuite eCommerce.

Means Smart Commercialization

Including eCommerce into your business takes much more than just adding a commerce channel. It means business, an important decision that will drive yours.

Fusionworks supports and leads for you the required processes to capitalize on a robust eCommerce integrated solution SuiteCommerce.


NetSuite eCommerce

Lead your sales to the best commercialization strategy







SuiteCommerce makes possible for businesses to seamlessly connect every channel of multi-location business — from ecommerce, POS and order management to merchandising, marketing, inventory, financials and customer service

Integrate and gain full visibility from marketing to sales with SuiteCommerce by NetSuite.

SuiteCommerce by NetSuite gives you all insights from your electronic sales processes


The main idea behind NetSuite eCommerce is creating a core business component based upon commercialization.

SuiteCommerce integrates all your inventories within an electronic shopping channel that helps you to seamlessly connect eCommerce and in-store processes, including POS order management, in-stock inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials and CRM.

SuiteCommerce by NetSuite

Key functionalities and Areas to thrust your people towards excellence


Adaptability for B2C and B2B ecommerce from an unified platform that give customized experiences for everybody.

Order Management

Take and manage orders from multiple channels from the same place. Empower your managers and clients with real-time inventory visibility across all locations

Commerce Marketing

SuiteCommerce presents Bronto Marketing. Comply and unify pertinent information to engage and increase your customer’s loyalty among other powerful applications

Product Content Management

Merge and manage all the information related to your products from all your channels while minimizing its related costs

Point of Sale

Bring together online and in-store experience for customers. Add new elements to please and surpass your client’s aspirations.


Obtain full insight from your customer’s preferences from all the different sources, channels and touchpoints.


Unify all your trade channels with NetSuite eCommerce

SuiteCommerce by NetSuite also allows your managers to organize, display and employ all the pertinent data of your inventories and products to enhance your sales strategy





Systematize and adjust all your commercial channels under the same roof



Save money and effort with comprehensive tools to unify and track every movement in your inventories.

Make easier for your customer their experience and get full insight on their needs with  SuiteCommerce by NetSuite