How to manage emerging markets and fast-growing industries with NetSuite

No company finds it easy to identify strategies for entering new international markets or deciding which countries to do business with. But once this step has been taken, it is essential to know how to manage emerging markets. The same is true if you have a company that belongs to a fast-growing industry, because if you do not have an efficient management you could have delays along the way.

As companies grow, they often purchase a variety of solutions that enable them to optimally run their operations. However, siloed and disconnected solutions do not provide the accurate visibility into the data you need to make the right decisions. This is why the key to running your business well is to have the right technology in place.

NetSuite, a solution that meets all requirements

netsuite negocios emergentesWhen businesses expands, their operations become more complex. Therefore, software that once seemed sufficient could now be holding your business back. This is why you need a tool like Netsuite that can grow as fast as your business.

This software stands out as a single, unified, cloud-based platform. Through it you can manage emerging markets and all parts of your business: finance and accounting, order and inventory management, omnichannel business, sourcing, procurement, warehousing, sales and marketing, and even customer service.

How does NetSuite help to achieve better growth?

Netsuite offers different functions that allow you to manage emerging markets and fast-growing industries efficiently and smoothly. This is possible thanks to features such as:


This software offers powerful data visualization and exploration capabilities that provide quick and important information on operational and financial metrics to non-technical users. This makes it possible to improve decision-making within the company.


Netsuite offers key functions such as administration and financial planning to combine all financial management in one place. This way you can have a more complete overview of the overall financial status of your company.

Global business

When it comes to managing emerging markets, global business management options are essential. Netsuite, for example, allows you to simplify tax changes, inter-company management and foreign currency expense reporting, among other actions.

Human resources

incertidumbre estratégica en los negociosThe human team plays a crucial role in the growth of any company. With Netsuite it is possible to optimize HR processes and provide a better experience for employees.

Project Management

This software allows for greater visibility of reports and to consult real-time information, as well as greater control over expense approvals. All of this helps to boost the productivity of the organization.

Netsuite’s great advantage for businesses is its ability to unify all its processes to improve workflows, reduce operational costs and capitalize on company assets. In addition, it has a low initial investment with a high ROI thanks, in part, to the fact that it can be implemented in the cloud.

If you want to see for yourself the advantages Netsuite offers to manage emerging markets and fast-growing industries, Fusionworks can help you. Contact us!

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