Field Service Software for NetSuite

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Improve efficiency, boost your processes
and turn your obstacles into competitive advantages with NextService Field Service Management Software, a powerful and flexible solution to capitalize your business opportunities.


NetSuite the number one cloud services in the world

Optimize your business operational flows with Netsuite and Fusionworks

NetSuite is the #1 cloud business management software.


This solution optimizes your operational flows to help your business grow while allows your team to continue focusing on their top duties and to react to new market opportunities precisely.

NetSuite not only provides cloud financials, but it also integrates customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, human capital management (HCM) among others, from fast-growing midsize companies to large global organizations.

NetSuite for Field Services

From the field to the office

Field service companies are organizations that face challenges daily. They manage equipment and manpower measured by production capacity and customer service expectations.

If you are in the field services industry, probably you are facing some of these business challenges:

  • Lack of control over your service division

  • Limited visibility of field technicians’ movements

  • Scheduling inefficiencies

  • Poor capture of data in real-time

  • Disconnected and manual systems

  • Inaccurate inventory management in the field

Let's transform these challenges into business opportunities

That’s why we partner with NextService:
a Mobile Field Service Management Software for NetSuite


NextService Field Mobile, is specially designed to help your business overcome common pains of the industry and turn them into competitive advantages.


Increase service revenues, improve operational efficiency, boost your processes - with the industry's most flexible and powerful field service software solution.

Let our experts help you connect and grow

Connect and visualize your data

Grow your business with a flexible solution

Are you not satisfied with your field service performance?

Prepare, plan, and monitor.

NextService Field Service Management Software is the only enterprise ready scheduling, work order management and mobile field execution app build natively for NetSuite.

Undoubtedly, Next Service includes all the features your company needs to capitalize on service opportunities.

Do you need an optimal solution to measure the performance of your field services?

With our experience and guidance, your company will be able to reach these benefits

Measure results in real- time

Drive operational efficiency by measuring your results in real-time. Create work orders and monitor results quickly and easily.

Improve engagement with customers

Create a good working relationship with your customers with ideal service. Ensure the right job, for the right technician. Drive real-time efficiency.

Achieve operational excellence

Increase the productivity of your processes by simplifying and digitizing your work orders for better and better tracking.

Reduce manual entries and paperwork

Reduces paperwork and manual entries with an optimized solution. Eliminate the need for an outdated filing system and unnecessary expenses.

Complete more jobs per technician

This tool gives your technicians more autonomy and greater flexibility to accomplish as many jobs per day as possible.

Track time

Schedule transparently to minimize errors, reduce wasted time, and improve your customer experience.

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We can guide your company to grow with a solution suitable for these industries

Medical Equipment


Sanitation Services




Maintenance Services

Transport & Logistics

IT Services

Public Safety

Pool Services

Facility Management

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