NetSuite for Restaurants

NetSuite for Restaurants

A Unified Solution to Manage Your
Restaurant Chain

With Fusionworks and NetSuite, restaurant chains and franchises will get more than just a software package; you will get lifelong business partners that are committed to your success. NetSuite cloud-based ERP is the recipe for success, it is designed to deliver value from day one by helping overcome the challenges that restaurants are facing in today’s market.



How do NetSuite Cloud-based ERP impact
restaurants back-office business processes?


Comprehensive financial management

End-to-end visibility into cash on hand, receivables and payables plus real-time for accurate decision-making process.

Multiple entity management and consolidation

Imagine a world with real-time visibility at the local, regional and headquarter levels within a single system.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking capabilities that will ensure you have just enough inventory onhand in the right locations to meet demand and that will reflect positively on a decrease of operational costs.

POS Integration

With POS information & sales data in your ERP you can take control of operational costs, make accurate forecasting and increase your business productivity.

Human Capital Management

Empowers managers to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single system.


Enjoy the benefits of having real-time data and
real-time visibility of your business!


Unify all your business processes in one place
with NetSuite Cloud-based ERP


With a unified business solution on your side, your restaurant’s team will focus on what they do best: delighting diners with excellent experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Financial & Accounting

Manage financial in real-time, close the books faster and benefit from robust reporting tools.


Manage your vendors and purchasing processes with proper visibility and control.

Restaurant Inventory

Track inventory from purchase to plate.


Gain a better understanding of your guest behavior through the guest service dashboard.

Fixed Asset Management

Manage the complete restaurant asset lifecycle and easily report on.

Franchise Management

Run both the financial and operational sides of your business across multiple locations using a single, central platform.

Join the #RemoteReady Movement with Fusionworks and NetSuite Cloud-based Solution to ensure your business success!


If you are experiencing:

  • Lack of system integration & unconnected locations
  • Operational costs and inefficiencies are rising in the business
  • Limited visibility on data and reports
  • Difficulties to onboard a new entity and have clear control (and compliance) without disrupting its operations
  • Struggle in managing guest satisfaction and retention



Why Fusionworks?



We provide expert assessment and the right tools to
help your business reach your corporative goals.

18 years of experience helping companies grow.

Installed base in almost all the verticals and references.

Fast Deployment and high-tech solutions

3-step procedure.

We offer strategic assessment to improve the quality of your operational procedures.

Get a clear view of your business processes.