Drive your people towards excellence

SuitePeople by NetSuite enables your HR professionals to collect and process all the important information of your Human Capital in the same place.

Access and prepare all you need to know about your employees from day one, and get ready to create strategies to encourage productivity.


SuitePeople by NetSuite

Manage talent and Enhance the power of your team


NetSuite HCM brings SuitePeople, a Cloud-based tool that manages your employees’ lifecycle from end-to-end, and compiles important information related to their social security, labor liabilities and similar in the same view.

Process every important movement of your Human Capital. Gain full visibility and expand it to other sensitive departments.






SuitePeople by NetSuite HCM gives you all insights from your Human Capital


Experience the seamless control of your Core HR Process 

Fusionworks and SuitePeople by NetSuite HCM join forces to empower your Human Capital at best prices

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SuitePeople by NetSuite HCM

Key functionalities and Areas to thrust your people towards excellence


Leveraging the SuiteCloud platform, so it can be customized and integrated into and always available, anywhere and always up to date on the latest release.


Role Based Security

Sophisticated role-based security allows executives, managers, supervisors and employees to support both themselves and their teams.


Universal Data

Like CRM and every other NetSuite module, SuitePeople ensures people information is available throughout the enterprise allowing companies to nurture, protect and develop their talent.

Global Reach

Built on the global platform, enhanced with HR localizations, ensuring companies can manage global workforces.

Unified Access

Part of the unified data model which allows people information to be seamlessly reported and analyzed from services, to the shop floor and the warehouse.

Empower your people with SuitePeople


SuitePeople by NetSuite also allows your employees to give account over their changes and evolutions within the company.





Organize your rewards and incentives programs

by tracking every movement of your Human Capital

with SuitePeople by NetSuite HMC.


Give comprehensive insight and management over your employees’ lifecycle, and record every milestone of their story to create a work environment.