NetSuite HCM

Productivity • Effectiveness • Security

Integrate your Human Capital processes in a single place

NetSuite HCM is a comprehensive system that gathers the management experience and the control of HR processes to ensure the assets of your company, the motivation of your staff and the achievement of your business goals.

Design, prepare and create strategies with your employees to improve their productivity.


Increase your organization's productivity with

NetSuite HCM


Track, organize and get a clear view of your human capital

Seamless control of your HR processes


NetSuite SuitePepople allows to unify all data, this gives the companies absolute control over HR processes.

Customize and connect

Integrate your entire system, reduce time and costs with a clear and full view of your business.

This solution allows to speed up:

  • Employee information processes
  • New hiring
  • Employee incorporation
  • Payroll management
  • And much more ...


The ultimate human capital management experience

is just a click away.

SuitePeople by NetSuite HCM

A powerful tool to increase your business productivity


Enhance your workflows, processes and data analysis.


SuiteCloud platform can be integrated and available anywhere and with its latest version.

Role Based Security

Improve your customer satisfaction, reduce costs and offer a better support and boost your sales.A sophisticated security base that allows executives, managers, supervisors and employees to support themselves.

Universal Data

SuitePeople secures employee data and information as well as availability throughout the enterprise. It protects, cultivates and develops human talent.

 NetSuite HCM

Global Reach

On a global platform, Netsuite HCM allows to improve HR localizations for companies to manage workforces on global terms.

 NetSuite HCM

Unified Access

The unified data model allows you to view and analyze people's information throughout their work process without problems.

Increase your operational and organizational capacity

SuitePeople by NetSuite HCM allows you to make a plan and upgrade your employees productivity.

NetSuite HCM gathers all the data that allows you to connect your financial processes with HR to create strategies and make the right decisions for the global growth of your company.

Quantify, track, forecast and improve your business productivity

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Why Fusionworks?

17 years of experience helping companies grow.

Fast Deployment and high-tech solutions.

We offer strategic assessment to improve the quality of your operational procedures.

Get a clear view of your business processes.

Why Fusionworks?

18 years of proven experience

Helping companies grow to their full potential. Some of the Fusionworks strategic partners include NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, and Prophix.

Over 50 qualified consultants

With business and technology expertise. A team of good and knowledgeable professionals who help organizations become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale.

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We satisfy our customers by putting productivity tools in hands of the people who actually use them, no matter the industry.

Adaptability has never been more important,

that’s why you need a partner and solution that fit your business.

Oracle NetSuite

Because we share the same vision of helping medium-size companies and enterprises run their businesses better, we are Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider for Latin America & the Caribbean.

Alliance Partner

As Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partners for the United States, we provide business transformation consulting services as well as integration and implementation services that help you get even more value from your NetSuite software



Track your HR processes with NetSuite HCM

Connect, visualize, and organize the work cycle of your employees in real time

A smarter way to manage your people

Connecting your HR processes allows you to integrate processes and strategies to improve the workflow of your employees from the recruitment process to their life cycle with the opportunity to analyze metrics for better decisions.

Let’s grow together

With this cloud solution, you can manage your process in real time.Empower managers and HR professionals.
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