NetSuite PSA

Simplicity • Efficiency • Maximum Performance

Netsuite PSA is a complete Professional Services Automation tool that covers all the management of your projects and improves the activities and business processes.

Safe, efficient and fast, NetSuite PSA is an integrated solution of easy implementation and simple maintenance, which will allow you to optimize your processes and achieve the maximum performance of your business.


Fusionworks + NetSuite PSA

Boost your profitability with a project management tool


NetSuite PSA gathers project management, human resources, finance and billing. This allows to increase profits and improve productivity by meeting the needs of your business.

Get a clear view of your organization and business results. Optimize processes, resources and reduce costs, control the evolution of your projects from beginning to end with full operational transparency.

Advantages of NetSuite PSA

Cloud Platform

Mobile access

Multi-company and Multi-geographic

No programming required

Control, track and boost your profitability

NetSuite PSA streamlines your processes, improves project delivery and execution with a real-time internal view. The tool that allows you to adapt your workflows, control and analysis of data gathered in a single solution.

PSA by NetSuite

Key functionalities and streamline and unify your projects in the same spot

Project Management

Get an internal view of your projects and goals to achieve. Expand your team's vision and recognize the full work potential.

Timesheet Management

Customize and execute the working times of your employees. Adapt and visualize tasks quickly from any device.

Project Accounting

Control the activities and statistics of your projects. Manage expenses, invoices and control the financial management of your company.

Expense Management

Improve productivity by tracking tasks to organize, manage, and maximize expense reports by improving the user experience.

Billing and Invoicing

Track and calculate the work of your projects in real numbers. Measure and adjust your process activities and invoice with the right tool.


Monitor, follow up and analyze all the related data of your projects with analytics and reports over your services, tasks and activities.


Why Fusionworks?

17 years of experience helping companies grow.

Fast Deployment and high-tech solutions.

We offer strategic assessment to improve the quality of your operational procedures.

Get a clear view of your business processes.

Oracle NetSuite

Because we share the same vision of helping medium-size companies and enterprises run their businesses better, we are Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider for Latin America & the Caribbean.

Alliance Partner

As Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partners for the United States, we provide business transformation consulting services as well as integration and implementation services that help you get even more value from your NetSuite software

Automate your projects with NetSuite PSA

Fusionworks + NetSuite PSA will help you maximize your internal processes and track every aspect of your projects.



NetSuite PSA

Cloud service automation software

NetSuite PSA is an integrated solution that encompasses all the tools that you need in a single platform to give you a comprehensive view of your business. With NetSuite PSA, you can reduce operational costs and have control over your business operations, improve service, productivity and security of your data and operational processes.

Let’s grow together

NetSuite PSA is flexible, secure, multi-company, multi-geographic and multi-currency, which will help your company achieve global expansion. Let us help your business grow!

Plan, grow and do it safely with Fusionworks