Optimize Your Trade Promotions – Why and How?

Most of the distribution companies develop their marketing tasks on Excel sheets. Can you imagine how many price proposals sheets a company that’s in charge of more than five thousand products could have? How many promotion proposals the company has if they have more than two thousand customers? That’s a lot of Excel sheets to manage! Optimizing your processes is an integral part of your business success. 

At Fusionworks we like to simplify the business processes of our clients and improve the quality of information they use to make decisions. Because of this reason, the idea to develop an application that optimizes your trade promotions was born. With Price Point you can plan, execute and measure your trade promotions ROI.

But, why does Price Point can help you?

  • It calculates promotions efficiently considering rebates, advertising and promotion investments
  • Easily integrates with financial management systems
  • Avoids user’s copy and paste

    Promotions scorecard
    Promotions scorecard
  • It is consistent in the formulas, meaning zero errors and no more different formulas throughout users
  • Enables company departments visibility of promotions
  • And lastly, but not least, business process model workflows in order to approve the pricing and promotion proposals

Now, the application works with four modules to help you improve your marketing & sales tasks: base pricing, general promotions, BOGO promotions and promotion performance.

Let’s go deeper into the modules:

  • General Promotions: The user can plan and execute special offers to their customers. The application calculates two different scenarios to evaluate the proposed offer: one based on sold units in the historic period and other keeping the net margin in the historic period. Also, the user has the flexibility to create their own scenario if they don’t agree with the proposed one.
  • Promotion Performance: Module to analyze the net margin and unit sales of the promotions (projected and actual) and the scorecard shows the winning/loosing products in order to make a deeply analysis of the promotion.

    Price Point Module
    Price Point Module
  • BOGO Promotions: Like the module promotions, it gives the user the option to plan offers using the marketing technique “Buy One, Get One Free” and compare the proposed offer with the sold units in the historic period.
  • Base Pricing: On this module the user can plan and change the products base price in the different warehouses that the products belongs. The application offers a margin and sales projection that helps the user make a decision.

In addition to these functionalities, a Cooperative Agreement Management tool is integrated with the app. 

If you want to improve your company’s marketing and sales strategies, Price Point definitely can help achieve that goal. It’s time to start now! 

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This article was written by Yarelis Ares, Fusionworks’ Technical Consultant.

Fusionworks: experts in Microsoft GP, Microsoft CRM, Oracle Fusion Financials, Oracle EBS, Prophix, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI. 

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