Optimizing distribution logistics: Learn about best practices

Optimizing distribution logistics has become a priority for businesses in the industry, especially in recent years when the pace of business change has accelerated enormously.  This represents a challenge for companies, especially retail and wholesale distributors, who recognize the importance of improving their processes. With the environment becoming increasingly competitive, it is essential that these logistics and distribution companies adopt the best practices to optimize their processes. 

Challenges in the industry and how to face them

The logistics and distribution business is struggling with inventory and ordering issues, with manual processes that cannot scale, metrics based on unreliable data, and more. If you want to address these challenges and are looking to optimize distribution logistics, knowing these practices will get you closer to your goals:  

Inventory management

Prácticas para optimizar la logística de distribuciónProperly managing a company’s inventory maximizes its financial results and is crucial if you want to optimize distribution logistics.

By optimizing stock, you can reduce handling costs, improve cash flow and deliver products to customers when and where they want them. An efficient inventory management directly impacts almost every dimension of the business. 

Real-time visibility: starting point for optimizing distribution logistics

The flow of information within the company is key. The different departments must be able to comprehensively and in real-time contemplate everything that happens in the organization.  Real-time inventory data allows to make much more accurate and informed decisions. This way they can operate at the speed that modern businesses require, generate results and scale according to the needs of each area. 

Multi-channel expansion

Another practice to optimize distribution logistics has to do with the use of a CRM to expand to multiple channels. With this type of tool, you can manage multichannel marketing campaigns, create and automate processes, speed up problem resolution time, among other things. 

Meeting deliveries

Cómo optimizar la logística de distribuciónDelivering what is promised to the customer is of great importance for a distribution company. This can be synonymous with efficiency and reliability, two key aspects for any logistics company. By working with comprehensive fulfillment controls, you can reduce shipping delays and costs, as well as increase on-time delivery rates. This also satisfies customer expectations to improve customer loyalty.

Use a powerful platform and see improvements in distribution logistics

These practices for optimizing distribution logistics can be implemented quickly, efficiently and easily with the use of a specialized platform such as Oracle’s NetSuite, a platform that automates, simplifies and improves accounting and financial processes in companies and is really productive in distribution businesses. It offers a complete solution with sourcing, management, marketing, sales and warehousing functions, with multiple customization options. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits that NetSuite can offer your distribution logistics business, Fusionworks can help you. Contact us!

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