Oracle BI Mobile HD: Reports on the Go

   What would happen if you left work and forgot to deliver an important report? What would happen if you could create that report from your cell phone in the comfort of your home? Oracle Business Intelligence(BI) Mobile is the most effective and friendly-user app that provide users the ability to interact with all their analytic content in a touch-optimized manner. It allows you to have visibility of all your business departments and real transactions from the palm of your hands.

Sometimes our busy daily work-life does not give us the convenience to be 24 hours in front of our computers to stay in touch with our business. Therefore, this new platform enables customers to extend desktop-based dashboards and reports into mobile devices without the need for any re-work, providing companies an easy and effective way to make users more productive while away from the office.


Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD

Oracle BI Mobile HD is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets and provides immediate access to all BI analytic content like analyses, dashboards, scorecards, reports, and more without requiring any modifications. The content delivered is optimized automatically for interaction on mobile devices via touch and multi-touch gestures with immediate benefits to business users such as reduced IT administrative overheads, and a lower total cost of ownership to enterprises. Also, provides other amazing features such as:

  • Allows content to be saved for offline viewing and sharing. When online, users can refresh saved offline content and share via e-mail with other users.
  • Send and receive critical information about your business anywhere or anytime without compromising its confidentiality.
  • Get to your reports and dashboards easily and quickly without going through several login prompts in a row.
  • Supports your team growth and expansion by interacting with them. It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 or 5 million users.


power biBusinesses now can now deploy reports in a creative way and add value to their processes.  Technology has never been that simple and fun. Fusionworks can help you transform your business and make that transition to Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite. Need counseling for your business processes? Our top-notch consultants can help you by integrating this great application from any of your devices in order to innovate your business. Contact us today!


By: Kevin Rosario, Oracle Business Consultant | Fusionworks

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