Oracle Cloud: How to view data and create reports

Oracle CloudOracle Cloud is an advanced information solution that allows you to interact with the operative and analytical information of your business.  Through a detailed analysis, you can get the responses that you are looking for and share the results.  To help you understand how this works, we will present a brief review of these features.

The functionality of Oracle Cloud to view data

Before having access to Oracle Analytics Cloud, it is important that the administrators configure Oracle Cloud according to the users and databases required. Data Visualization for data analysis needs the input of information and modeling of data.  This is done with the control panels that allow you to:

Oracle Cloud

  • Incorporate one or more evaluations about strategic areas of the business for you to have a uniform and complete vision of the information.
  • Facilitate schematization of data by separators, in one or several pages, with customized views.
  • Show each one of the access elements within the control panel, which you can open with a browser, like links, embedded documents, images, web sites, text, and analysis.

How to create reports?

The easy operation of Oracle Cloud, combined with Oracle Analytics Cloud, is designed to streamline employee tasks that generate and consume content.  When you verify the control panel, the analysis tool shows you the most recent data in an automated manner, for you to capture the relevant information in the report that you want to create.

Oracle CloudDifferent tasks are performed to do this in an efficient manner, such as:

  • Add views to the analysis.
  • Filter data form evaluations.
  • Include an interactivity feature for the analysis.
  • Create interactive control panels for studies.
  • Create studies with views on pages to share with colleagues, clients, and partners.
  • Generate data petitions to control viewing of pages from the control panel.

In the same manner, you can click on Explore data or use the alternative browser.  The initial page contains the work elements and defined content for users to create your reports.

Oracle Cloud has an analytical module whose functionality improves the viewing of data, its processing, and the creation of reports for departments. If you need help with its implementation, our experts will guide you step by step.

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