Oracle EPM

Automation • Planning• Efficiency

A complete solution to connect your financial processes

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) will help your company automate the budgeting, reporting, and account reconciliation processes that will allow the organization to grow within the market and business landscape. Boosting and streamlining your business lines makes Oracle EPM the most complete tool for your business, finance, profitable analysis, cost management and much more.

Fusionworks is a Finalist in the 2021 Oracle Change Agents Partner of the Year Awards

ERP/EPM Service Delivery Partner

The award recognizes Fusionworks for their excellence in helping customers meet critical business objectives, such as accelerating innovation, driving digital transformation and increasing sustainability using Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).


Oracle EPM is fast, efficient and available for any device

Minimize errors with this integrated solution.

Manage and boost your company's profitability with a tool that allows you to optimize your financial processes. Efficiently plan, organize and monitor your integrated plans, accounts and budgets and satisfy all the necessary requirements for analysis and reporting.

Achieve everything you do in Excel sheets, but automated and without the need for the end user to perform this task, with all the details and data required for your operation. No more spreadsheets!

Simple Implementation
Fast results
Automatic report sending
Regulatory reporting

Get an overview of your business plans in terms of budget.

Integrates functional areas of your company for your operative planning.

Collect your reports and manage your accounts.

Plan and align your financial operations indicators.

Simplify, streamline, and get fast results

With Fusionworks + Oracle EPM you will automate the entire financial process of your company.

Calculate your budget automatically, send analytical and numerical reports and get a platform to document your workflow.

Planning and Budgeting

Plan and measure your financial investments with templates and pre-designed sheets to measure each investment and budget. Combine, move and analyze data securely.

Account Reconciliation

Streamlines processes and improve business practices with an user-based interface with the Account Reconciliation Cloud.

Consolidation and Financial Closure

Comply with financial closing according to regional/global laws, reduce time and effort in fiscal closing processes and financial reconciliations with a flexible tracking solution.

Enterprise Data Management

Single platform to flexibly manage enterprise data while maintaining data integrity and enterprise application alignment. Drive agile business transformation.

Narrative Reporting

Satisfy internal and external reporting requirements. Get collaborative narrative and regulatory reporting with interactive dashboards for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial, management and regulatory report packages. 

Profitability and Cost Management

Discover, manage and control your Profit and Loss statement. Improve investments and link your operational indicators with your financial indicators.

Tax Reports

Control your financial results, pay your taxes and reconcile your finances with a single tool. Analyze, use statistics and make business forecasts.

Oracle EPM is a comprehensive solution that brings all your

financial processes in one place.


Transform your business by automating all your financial processes



Simplify your maintenance operations

Increase productivity and automate your processes with Oracle EPM

A smarter way to manage your Processes

Oracle EPM is a powerful tool that will help you understand, manage and optimize your company’s business processes to increase productivity, grow within the market and transform it into the digital environment. Save costs, make smart decisions, and lead your company to reach your business goals.

Let’s grow together

Fusionworks is the only Puerto Rican company with a business line with more than 15 years of experience fully dedicated to budgeting and planning.

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18 years of proven experience

Helping companies grow to their full potential. Some of the Fusionworks strategic partners include NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, and Prophix.

Over 50 qualified consultants

With business and technology expertise. A team of good and knowledgeable professionals who help organizations become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale.

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We satisfy our customers by putting productivity tools in hands of the people who actually use them, no matter the industry.

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