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Oracle ERP Cloud Key Features

Fully Integrated

Modules in Financials, Project and Risk Management, Accounting. Purchasing, Assets, Inventory, and more.

Cloud Service

Oracle ERP is a cloud-based service that allows you to connect and manage data more easily, quickly and efficiently.


Simplify your financial processes Generate greater productivity and better business decisions.


Modernize your company allowing it to grow in the market.


Integrate all your processes in a single cloud and manage them in real-time with an internal vision that allows you to analyze your data, and achieve your financial goals.

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Oracle #MoveToCloud

As Grupo Colón Gerena continues to grow, the key partnership with Fusionworks has allowed them to improve their processes and add efficiencies with Oracle ERP Cloud. Ramon Vazquez, IT Director and José Salvatella, CFO for Grupo Colón Gerena, talk about their experience during and after moving Finance to the cloud with Fusionworks expertise and advice.