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Fusionworks and Grupo Colón Gerena’s Success Story

As Grupo Colón Gerena continues to grow, the key partnership with Fusionworks has allowed them to improve their processes and add efficiencies with Oracle ERP Cloud. Ramon Vazquez, IT Director and José Salvatella, CFO for Grupo Colón Gerena, talk about their experience during and after moving Finance to the cloud with Fusionworks expertise and advice.


Oracle ERP Cloud

Productivity • Efficiency • Control

The ideal solution for growing your business

With Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud you can streamline your enterprise business processes. Increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

Modernize your organization with the most powerful, unified cloud solution available today, increase productivity, minimize costs and maintain control of your internal processes.

Work faster, easier and more effectively with Oracle ERP Cloud

Manage your company's information easier, faster and better. Begin making informed decisions with ERP.

Fully Integrated

Modules in: Financials, Project Management, Procurement, Risk Management, Monetization and Accounting. General Ledger, Payables, Purchasing, Assets, Receivables, Cash Management, Expenses, Inventory, Project and More.

Cloud service

Cloud- based service that allows you to connect and manage data more easily and quickly.

Real Time Management

Access your information in real time from any device and stay informed.


Empowers modern agile finance with streamlined processes, increased productivity and improved business decisions.


Database security; reduce risks and process your data faster.


Plan ahead your internal processes quickly, safety and easily.


Modernize your company allowing it to grow in the market.

Internal vision

Optimize data analysis and get an accurate internal view of your goals.

Boost your productivity with

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

OTBI allows your team to work smarter by providing a full range of business intelligence capabilities.

OTBI collect up-to-date data and analyze it, to help your teams visualize a real-time perspective of transactions.

 - Presents data in easy-to-understand formats.

- Helps you make better and faster management decisions.

 - Saves time and improves visibility in the organization.


Fusionworks + Oracle ERP Cloud

The winning combination for your business

We help you with Oracle ERP Cloud implementation, project management, training, support, analysis and strategies.

Let us help you grow your business with the best tool: Oracle ERP Cloud.


Oracle ERP Cloud Key Features

Financial resources and processes optimization for smarter and faster decision-making.


Maximize your company’s processes management and save costs.


Advanced data analysis in all business areas.


Access your financial statements anytime.

Why Fusionworks?

18 years of proven experience

Helping companies grow to their full potential. Some of the Fusionworks strategic partners include NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, and Prophix.

Over 50 qualified consultants

With business and technology expertise. A team of good and knowledgeable professionals who help organizations become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale.

Client-centric consulting firm

We satisfy our customers by putting productivity tools in hands of the people who actually use them, no matter the industry.

Adaptability has never been more important,

that’s why you need a partner and solution that fit your business.

Why Fusionworks?


Fusionworks is an Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI), recognized by Oracle Partner Network. Modules: General Ledger, Payables, and Accounts Receivables, being the first Oracle multi-pilar partner in Central America and the Caribbean.

In the past years, Fusionworks has received the following awards and recognitions:

  • Oracle Best Partner Cloud 2017
  • Oracle Best Partner Cloud 2018
  • Top Revenue SaaS 2017
  • Top Revenue SaaS 2018

erp software

18 years of experience helping companies grow.

Fast Deployment and high-tech solutions.

We offer strategic assessment to improve the quality of your operational procedures.

Get a clear view of your business processes.

We help you with the implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud for your business.

More than advisors, we are your allies and we help you grow on the market and reach your goals.

Integrate all your processes in a single cloud and manage them in real-time with an internal vision that allows you to analyze your data, and achieve your financial goals.

Why modernize your business with the
Oracle ERP Cloud?

herramientas de gestión
  • Reduce costs. The key to modernizing your projects.
  • Covers a large number of back office processes, crucial to success.
  • Connect Oracle ERP Cloud and stay away from outdated systems.
  • Streamline your financial business processes and technology requirements.
  • Increase your decision making with real-time information access.



The most modern business technology for your company at a single step

More than advisors, we are your business allies. We implement strategies with the best tools and software on the market to help your company grow.

Plan, grow and do it safely with Oracle ERP