Oracle HCM Cloud

Powerful • Simple • Intelligent

Oracle HCM Cloud transforms your organization by simplifying your workflows.

Workforce, talent and human resources management, find all in one place with this complete solution that will enhance your productivity and processes. Let Oracle HCM Cloud and Fusionworks transform your business.

Oracle HCM Cloud

What does it bring to your business?

Global Human Resources

A solution that brings together all human resources processes in one place.

Workforce Rewards

Attracts and retains human talent in compliance  the needs of the company and the worker.


Work Life Solutions

Attract and retain human talent with this solution and help increase the productivity of your employees.

Talent Management

Manage the entire talent lifecycle including recruitment, management and career development.

Workforce Management

Control and manage costs and projects efficiently. Improve operational excellence.


HCM Analysis

Easy access to your dashboards and reports about workforce trends.


Simplify your HR processes and improve your business experience


Oracle HCM Cloud

The number one solution for human resource management

Why choose Oracle HCM Cloud?


Optimize workforce time

Save operational costs

Attract and retain your human talent effectively

Optimize employee engagement

Bring together HR and finance

Grow your business


Allow us to help your business grow.

Get Oracle HCM Cloud at the best price on the market and in your language.

Reach your business goals with FusionWorks


Why FusionWorks?

  • 17 years of experience helping companies grow.
  • Fast Deployment and high tech solutions.
  • We offer strategic assessment to improve the quality of your operational procedures.
  • Get a clear view of your business processes.
  • Business line dedicated to finance and budgeting.


Let’s grow together

More than advisors, we are your business allies. We help you implement strategies to growth your company with the best tools and software on the market.




Native Mobile for “On the Go” consumption.

Embedded Analytic

Built in functionality to analyze your data and make predictions.


Enabling communication, collaboration and engagement.


Virtual tenancy delivers security, flexible adoption, configurability and scalability.


Automation tools to build business process flows and workflows

Fusionworks is Cloud Excellence Implementer in HCM Human Resources Core HR



Oracle HCM Cloud

Manage human resources in a single step

Oracle HCM Cloud is a powerful tool that will help you understand, manage and optimize your company’s workforce and human resource processes, increase productivity,

Save costs and make smarts decisions, that will lead you to reach your business goals. We’re your allies in the innovation of your processes.

Plan, grow and do it safely with Fusionworks