Oracle Transportation Management: 4 benefits for your logistics chain

As supply chains grow in search of other opportunity markets, transportation networks become more complex for businesses. This implies a higher risk of incidents that can affect times of delivery and costs. An innovative solution for those challenges is Oracle Transportation Management and here we explain how it can benefit you.


How does Oracle Transportation Management work?

Designed to adjust to the needs of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and retail companies, Oracle Transportation Management is an advanced management solution. Its purpose is for you to comply with elevated standards in terms of performance, availability, scalability, and safety.

Derived from Oracle ERP, this platform facilitates the optimization of transportation tasks and it makes the computing process simpler. For this, it relies on a planning function that allows you to opt for the most adequate solution. This way you can choose from heuristic algorithms (more volume) or optimization motors (less volume).
Likewise, the combination of this software with engineering systems like Exalogic and Exadata provides 4 important benefits:

1. Visibility of the supply chain

Transportation businesses must manage a great deal of data derived from GPS, RFID, and other technologies. This platform allows a vertical integration between software and hardware, eliminating bottlenecks of processing. With a multi-process architecture, the performance is nine times greater and the visibility in real time increases.

2. Availability of Operation

Designed for managing information and business needs, this platform has a flexible design and a scalable architecture. It is why it supports the integration of several languages, measure units, and business models in only one database.

3. Quick Implementation

Contrary to other solutions that require more time, expertise, money, and achieving an adequate configuration, Oracle Transportation Management optimizes these processes. It includes the Oracle Virtual Machine template, that has pre-configured values, application instances ready to run, and all the necessary configuration pre-installed.

4. Lower cost of property

Due to its functionality, this software requires less maintenance and implementation. The expense associated with the personnel is reduced because it is a pre-built system, simple to manage and with free support for hardware.

If you still have questions about the capabilities of Oracle ERP or the scope of Oracle Transportation Management, we are here to help you. Our specialists will guide you step by step about the implementation and secrets of these systems.

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