Power BI: Benefits of innovation and digital transformation for your company and the marketplace

Have you heard that data is the oil of the 21st century? This is a fact, but just like this hydrocarbon, for data to be useful for your company it must be extracted and refined. This can be done with Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Microsoft Power BI, a solution that allows you to analyze data and interpret it to make better decisions. 

Data at your business service

In 2020, 54% of companies stated that Business Intelligence on the cloud is fundamental or very important for ongoing and future initiatives. Until relatively recently, the main investments of companies were focused on ERP and CRM solutions, leaving BI tools aside. 

Transformación digital con Power BITherefore, the information that was generated with these software remained isolated and dispersed, and its collection was a complex and time-consuming job. Now, this has changed, especially because companies have discovered that data analysis makes decision-making 5 times faster with this type of tool. 

Microsoft Power BI, in particular, offers dynamic and agile data management for more interactive business analytics. It allows informed decisions to be made quickly, as it enables any user in the company to visualize and analyze data in an understandable and efficient way. 

Why is Power BI the perfect ally for the digital transformation of your company?

Digital transformation is much more than betting on cloud solutions.  It is a long-term evolutionary change that positively impacts the whole organization. In this sense, Power BI is positioned as the perfect ally thanks to its functionalities that allow you to have control of the information of the entire company to make reliable and effective decisions. 

Transformación empresarialThis solution allows to:

  • Meet analysis needs in auto service and of the company in a single platform.
  • Gain deeper and more actionable insights to turn data into a competitive advantage. 
  • Extract key and strategic information quickly from both structured and unstructured data.
  • Optimize and simplify processes.
  • Understand customer behavior, like for example know what products they prefer. 

Power BI capabilities enable innovation and transformation of your business into a digital and intelligent one. If you want to take this step and promote proactive and accurate decision-making, at Fusionwoks we can help you implement this solution. Contact us!

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