An integrated tool to plan, execute and measure your trade promotion ROI.

Automates Commercial Agreements.
Visibility of promotions throughout the company.
Real time ROI calculation.
Eliminates use of Excel – No more Excel frustration.
Zero data entry errors.

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Price Point is a powerful and effective tool to ensure cost-effective planning of prices and offers on trade plans.

Access to historic-referenceable data to support pricing and sales lift decision.
Brand/Product Managers have to commit to results.
No copy and paste
No inconsistent data or errors in formulas.
No rounding errors.
Business Rules Controls and Workflow Approvals.
Integration with billing system – no data entry errors.
Company wide visibility.
Profitability of promotion is calculated considering all factors. (Rebates / A&P Investments)

Business Intelligence Success Story

B. Fernández & Hnos, Inc.