Simplify, control and integrate your financial systems

Integrate, automate, analyze and control your data and financial information in one place. Prophix Budgeting & Planning is a software that offers a complete vision of your financial management for the decision making and operations of your company. It's a complete tool that speeds up your budget processes and operations in Excel, in a fast, easy and agile way.

Fusionworks + Prophix

A powerful combination to redefine the way you budget, plan and report

More than 15 years of partnership and recently recognized as Prophix North America Partner of the Year

Get a complete view of your financial management

Gain control of your financial processes and more time to analyze data


Prophix is a complete cloud-based tool that allows you to optimize your business and financial processes through process integration. Create detailed budgets, formulas, plans, reports, allocations and much more by working automatically and generating more precise metrics for analysis.



Create automated

formulas in Excel




& Automate

Project Management Software



Prophix Budgeting & Planning


An easy to implement system with immediate results


Check what Prophix Budgeting & Planning offers for your company:


Budgeting & Planning

Reporting & Analytics

Consolidation & Close

Workflow & Automation

Control your budget with financial systems integration

Remove errors and send reports automatically


Prophix offers a solution to reduce the errors that can have Excel sheets with the creation of formulas. This will benefiting your company to greater productivity and more time to analyze data efficiently and concretely.

Easily accessible through any mobile device, Prophix is easy to operate and allows you to have budget control through your company's systems integrations.


Operate your financial systems in a more agile way

Prophix Budgeting & Planning key features

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting:

  • Budgeting
  • Personnel Planning
  • Sales & Revenue Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Capital Expense Planning
  • Integrated Financial Planning

Reporting & Analytics:

  • Self-Service Interactive Dashboards
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting & Analytics
  • Automated Report Distribution
  • Visual Analytics
  • Profitability Analysis

Consolidation and Close:

  • Full and partial ownership
  • Multiple legal entities
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Foreign currency translation

Workflow and Automation:

  • Automate repetitive business process
  • Direct data integration


Add value to your financial processes with Prophix

Gather all your budget data in one place

Faster Collaboration

With Prophix you can optimize strategic planning with the help of each department, achieving a balance between sales planning and operations.

Increase Effectiveness

Eliminate repetitive processes by automating them. Import data, allocations, consolidation and currency conversion in one place.

Reduce errors

Avoid data duplication with a unified database that allows you to store support and budget details.

Track your progress

Follow your user's activities and their workflow with Prophix. Get different views of the same project and increase productivity

Stay prepared for your audits

Process automation ensures that you're ready for an audit. Improve the quality of service and reduce audit costs.

Predict outcomes

With a better understanding of the business and its financial, measure the risk of every decision you make.

Automate the budgeting and reporting process with Prophix

With Prophix you can streamline budgeting and increase accuracy with onsite data integration



Prophix Budgeting & Planning

Get an internal view of your budget, reports and metrics with this integrated system in a cloud

Prophix Budgeting & Planning is a powerful solution that will help you understand, manage and optimize your company’s finances, increase productivity, reduce errors, save costs and make smarts decisions, that will lead you to reach your business goals.>

Measure the performance of your processes and improve decision making.

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