RPA: Main manual tasks that can be automated with a bot

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a system designed to automate the processes and tasks normally performed by employees in companies.  These tasks are usually time consuming, involve several people and are tedious to perform because they are repetitive.

This bot has become an excellent alternative to increase productivity in companies, since it facilitates and speeds up different tasks. It stands out because it not only provides a significant improvement in the quality of service in back-office processes, but also in front-office processes such as customer services, for example.

Processes that can be automated with RPA

RPA para aumentar la productividadRPA delegates manual activities that take time away from employees to technology. This bot frees them to focus on the activities or tasks they do best and enjoy most, such as collaborating on innovative business projects or interacting with customers. Some of the processes that can be automated include:

  • Payroll management and personnel administration or recruiting
  • Invoice and sales orders processing
  • Customer Service
  • Customer information storage
  • Human Resources Information Processing
  • Data extractions form different formats

It is estimated that 80% of processing costs can be reduced with the use of RPA. In addition, by transforming and optimizing workflow, in less than a year organization can improve their ROI, as well as response times to customers, something they highly value in CX (Customer Experience).


Why does RPA help increase productivity?

Robotic process automation bots allow a system to perform a task in much the same way as a human would, and even more accurately. Is a kind of “virtual worker” that helps increase productivity for several reasons:

Saves time

Automation bots can do in 10 seconds what it takes a person 4 to 6 minutes to do.  If you add all the time that people invest in tasks that can be automated, the company saves many valuable hours a day, for employees to concentrate in tasks that are really productive for the organization.

gestiones manuales que puedes automatizar

Increases employee satisfaction

Experts in the automation industry claim that employees working alongside bots are often happier at work because repetitive tasks are reduced. Robots allow workers to feel like people, not machines, doing the same thing over and over again. 



When companies implement RPA in their daily operations, they boost their business, they become more competitive and innovative, and retain their talent. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of process automation, Fusionworks can help you. Contact us!

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