Sales automation: How to automate your sales with a CRM

automatización de ventas

CRMs are designed to incorporate parameters that help you with sales automation, which allows streamlining certain business processes. A solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement represents advanced software for the follow-up to assist each customer in a personalized manner.


Let us tell you more about how to use it and its main advantages.


Elements that promote your sales automation 

When talking about sales automation, we refer to applying existing technology to simplify processes and streamline their execution.

automatización de ventasThen, to obtain positive results, you need to take actions related to the client more efficient: search, business visit, follow-up, and closing. This is possible by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

An automated salesforce program has software and hardware to analyze components, has a digitalized environment and manages information.  In operational terms, the CRM is in charge of managing essential categories, such as:

  • Time: Accurately estimates the duration of programmed tasks.
  • Opportunities: Establishes the precise moment to make a sale when the steps of the process have been met.
  • Calls: Helps you place the parameters of client information and their effective management.
  • Accounts: Used to manage business opportunities according to objectives, tools, and the actions taken.  
  • Geographic Zones: Determines account territories for their monitoring and knowing active clients.

Sales automation: Structure of a CRM

automatización de ventasWhen implementing a solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, you have a three-level architecture where you can distinguish the interface, the server, the database, and the execution


This design makes a simpler configuration and their modules facilitate task customization.  In addition, you can use the cloud to have access from any device to all the relevant information of the clients.

As a result, this resource for sales automation offers you several advantages over traditional systems:automatización de ventas

  • Facilitates flaw detection in the process and its correction.
  • Used to more accurately segment the target group.
  • Helps the development of new products according to client interaction.
  • Allows you to understand the sales mechanisms of the competition and their products.
  • Promotes the creation of strategies for positioning of the brand and better sales management.

Automation of sales can be a much simpler process with the assistance of a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With our expert advice, you can take advantage of its implementation without delays. Need consulting? Contact us.

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