Still Using Spreadsheets? There's a Better Way

Move beyond the limitations of spreadsheets and discover the transformative power of Prophix’s Cloud-Based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software

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Are you part of the 74% of midsize and larger companies still relying on spreadsheets for budgeting and planning? It’s time to evolve. Prophix’s Cloud-Based CPM software is designed to empower finance professionals to do what they do best—analyze and understand your company’s business data.

The Pitfalls of Spreadsheets

  • Non-collaborative: Spreadsheets are not designed for teamwork.
  • Error-prone: Risk of hidden errors due to manual data entry and complex formulas.
  • Limited Reporting: Inadequate documentation and weak reporting capabilities.
Achieve new levels of financial performance


Say goodbye to confusing data, legacy software, and error-prone spreadsheets. And say hello to Prophix — a platform that enables you to automate the management cycle of consolidation and reporting, analysis, modeling, and planning.

Why Choose Prophix Cloud-Based CPM?
  • Ease of Deployment: All you need is a browser.
  • Seamless Integration: Import account and organization structures effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Say goodbye to manual data copying and formula errors.

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For nearly 20 years, Fusionworks and Prophix have been at the helm of innovation in corporate performance management (CPM). This enduring partnership combines Fusionworks’ commitment to implementing intelligent business solutions with Prophix’s state-of-the-art software for budgeting, planning, and reporting. Together, they have empowered organizations to streamline financial processes, eliminate manual data entry, and enhance decision-making. Success stories across various industries, where budgeting and planning processes were transformed, stand as prime examples of the value this collaboration brings. With a focus on efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction, Fusionworks and Prophix are not only shaping the future of financial management but also setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation in the industry.