Take Advantage of Cloud Based Reporting

Need a financial reporting tool to increase your insight and extend your reporting and analysis?

You can give it a try with FAHRCS.

Well for starters, FAHRCS, which stands for Fusion Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service is a financial reporting solution that allows users to focus on the core business by leveraging cloud innovation with minimal implementation time and effort.

In a very short time, you can get a multidimensional reporting service with a very quick installation when compared to most programs or systems. It is connected directly with your Oracle E-Business Suite data base, (it must be R12.1.3+ or R12.2.4+). And as a bonus, FAHRCS is cloud based and works very efficiently since it is directly connected to the data base. And you must know, FAHRCS is an add-on for Oracle E-Business Suite, which will provide most of the financial reports and dashboards for faster analysis and on the go viewing.

And how can you take advantage?

One of the benefits is that most of the reports are generated automatically. Some of the auto generated reports are income statements, consolidated income statement, P&L by cost center, rolling monthly and quarterly income statements trial balances. There are a lot of automatically generated reports but you can also create any custom reports as you require.

Another way to benefit? FAHRCS is available via mobile device and through a desktop client.

You can also gain real-time financial reports everywhere you go with its simplified interface, for mobile devices makes it easy to access all your data from your desktop or tablet. With this you get instant access to your financial data in a much secure way. You also get on the go self-service reporting, dashboards, graphs and the data base is multidimensional allowing faster data visualization and analysis.

Account monitor to proactively monitor changes in balances
Account monitor to proactively monitor changes in balances

Since FAHRCS is integrated directly to the Oracle data base it allows you to drill through details. This way you can see the transactional detail on Oracle E-Business Suite, while opening a login directly to Oracle EBS where you can analyze better because now you can see the detail of all the accounts.

To top it off, FAHRCS provides you with SmartView, an Excel add-in that connects directly to the Oracle EBS data base and provides analysis through Excel. Directly connected, you get to access reports, views and also drill through detail balances and to Oracle EBS. Additionally, you can create ad hoc analysis reports in Excel and perform multidimensional analysis and pivoting.

Lastly but not least, the financial reports provided by FAHRCS provide us with what’s called Oracle Social. It provides us real time conversation as we view and analyze the reports; provides faster responses and analysis between the different departments. Also, it is web based for document viewing and for your annotations, and is available on mobile devices and desktop.

Let’s review:

Fusion Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service provides a quick and cost effective solution to modernize your financial reporting and empower your end-users to be ultra-efficient in a mobile-friendly cloud environment. It is a great tool for management and analytics since it accelerates analysis and provides easier and instant access to financial reports.

Make better decisions with real-time access to information. Take advantage of cloud based reporting now!

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This article was written by Fabián González, Fusionworks’ Business Consultant.

Fusionworks: experts in Microsoft GP, Microsoft CRM, Oracle Fusion Financials, Oracle EBS, Prophix, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI. 

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