Taking informed decisions in Human Resources with Analytics

Do you know what you need to make informed decisions in Human Resources? In the past, taking them let people in charge the feeling that they were doing tightrope-walking on a cliff, blindfolded.

Fortunately, those times are now in the past with technology. Thanks to the new approaches, they will no longer walk blindfolded towards informed decisions in Human Resources, and they will have the correct data to connect the dots between information and execution.

Informed Decisions in Human Resources

As we know, Human Capital is the most important element that companies have. It is the factor that allows them to grow and gaining recognition. Making informed decisions in Human Resources helps companies to build a culture of commitment; to establish, transform and follow effective HR processes; reduce costs; channel the human talent; design benefits and encourage the employees’ development to obtain economic growth.

In this sense, Cloud applications such as Oracle Fusion HCM give to your HR team the necessary knowledge to invest more time in analysis tasks while minimizing the time invested in repetitive administrative tasks.

Presupuesto de Capital Humano

As for example, let’s say that Maria just knew that she will have a meeting in 30 minutes. For that meeting, she needs to inform executives indicators for personnel counting; recruitment costs; Organizational Changes and Internal Mobility; Vacant Positions; Employee Satisfaction; Income per employee; Absence Rates; Workers Compensation; Terminations and Estimated Time of Recruitment.

Without specialized tools, she wouldn’t have had time enough to report all the issues in such a short period of time. However, she counts with automated tools to present all she was asked for because she can gather, discriminate and adapt it through a dynamic board; generate reports and graphics to meet the needs of her team.

What can FusionWorks do for your Human Talent team?

If you want more information about how and Oracle HCM can help you make informed decisions in Human Resources and transform your work team, click here.

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