Why automate your supply chain with an ERP on the Cloud

erp en la nubeTechnological advances are the driving force that boost innovation in the industry and its need for automation. Regardless of the size of your business, the implementation of an ERP on the cloud has become crucial for efficiency, resource savings, and business success. Below we will tell you how to improve your supply chain.

Reasons for implementing an ERP on the cloud

When selecting an ERP, you adopt a flexible automation system.  This affects all levels of the company.  The ability to act from a solution like NetSuite ERP, is reflected in fundamental aspects like:


erp en la nube

  • Optimization of business efficiency. These solutions are designed to comprehensively manage all your operations. Within the supply chain, the proper software can help you with monitoring, planning, maintenance, and buying and selling activities.  You can automate tracking, increase productivity, elevate efficiency, and optimize inventory.


  • Incorporation of emerging technologies. The use of IoT has become more common for obtaining data.  Through direct sensors, this innovation requires proper interpretation of information.  Thus, adapting it to the supply chain.  In addition, you can use this technology as part of the predictive maintenance and real time tracker to improve productivity.

erp en la nube

  • Covers the entire supply chain. Through an ERP on the cloud, it is much simpler to address your accounting problems, inventory management, supplies, and concrete data about the production process.  This feature also includes broad visibility, communication, and connectivity to resolve the immediate needs of your business model.


Implementation of Oracle NetSuite ERP

Because it is an ERP on the cloud, the most recent version of NetSuite brings a number of features much appreciated for their versatility. You can count on inventory status, quality management, automatic location appointment, instant overview of the supply chain, WMS, and more. All available from any place, with automatic updates and without investing in additional infrastructure.

erp en la nubeIn Fusionworks we are IT solution specialists.  And we are committed in helping you reach the potential you need to consolidate success.  Therefore, we will guide you step by step, in the implementation of an ERP on the cloud like NetSuite and we will advise you on other strategic matters.

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