Why is data analysis so important for human capital management?

gestión de capital humanoThe traditional approach to human capital management continues to undergo a transformation to make way for a more precise assessment.

For this reason, solutions such as Oracle HCM, supported by Big Data, are being more demanded current business management.

In addition, through a strategy based on metrics, companies have more control over their decisions. This is ideal to better address the needs of human talent around your business.

Renewal of human capital management through Big Data

The analysis of data on small or big scale favors objectivity for human capital management. This can also translate into a better personalization of relations and processes. It also facilitates a more comprehensive monitoring of talent within the company.

In general, the possibility of tracking in detail and automatically the candidates in the network facilitates the selection beyond the CV. This new recruiting perspective offers your company other advantages:

Better profile identification

The Big Data analysis allows you to find leaders, talent with innovative ideas and who could leave the ship. Therefore, you can take the measures most suited for your objectives.

Anticipate competition

The data represents knowledge, applied to people that favor a better organization, forecast, and projection. This approach keeps you at the forefront of trends in human resources.

Measure work satisfaction

recursos humanosIT solutions like Oracle HCM allow evaluating the motivation of the employees, their productivity and expectations. It also helps you too if the individual improvement strategies are adequate.

Enhance strategic HR areas

Regularly, the HR staff dedicates 80% of their time in administrative tasks. With this technology, they can be used to improve development, training, recruitments and more.

Practical examples and stories of success

The use of metrics in human capital management can be exemplified as follows:


Faced with complaints about unfavorable work conditions in Europe, they applied the “Amazon Connections” service. This Big Data project facilitates the analysis of some aspects, like leadership, opportunities, training opportunities and satisfaction.

BBVA Bancomer

This Mexico-based company with a staff of 38,000 employees accumulated data in an isolated way about the employees’ lifecycle. To solve it, they integrate team for analysis and data collection to the HR Department.

gestión de capital humanoTrends towards human capital management with solutions like Oracle HCM and other advanced programs seems unstoppable. If you need professional advice to implement these systems, you can consult our HR specialists.

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