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Antilles Insurance: Transforming the Future with Digital Excellence through NetSuite ERP

Redefining Operations and Customer Service with Innovation and Efficiency

Antilles Insurance

Founded in 1969, Antilles Insurance has become an emblematic institution in the Puerto Rican insurance market, renowned for its robustness and exceptionally personalized customer service. This company, rooted in the vision of a Puerto Rican family, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for technological innovation, positioning it as an undisputed leader in its field. Its prestige and focus on innovation are reflected in every policy and service offered, ensuring that the company not only meets but exceeds its clients’ expectations. The implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions, such as NetSuite ERP, underscores its dedication to efficiency and modernization, keeping Antilles Insurance at the forefront of the insurance industry and reaffirming its legacy of trust and excellence in service.


Antilles Insurance was at a critical juncture, facing the challenge of overcoming the technological inefficiencies of a system rooted in the 1980s. The need for digital transformation became imperative, not only to maintain competitiveness in an ever-evolving market but also to comply with the strict regulations of the insurance sector.
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Discover the Power of Transformation: How Antilles Insurance Revolutionized Its Operations with NetSuite ERP and the Expertise of Fusionworks.


Antilles Insurance embarked on a strategic quest to modernize its technological infrastructure, a critical initiative for its evolution in the competitive insurance market. After a thorough analysis of the available options, NetSuite stood out as the ideal solution, thanks to its robust integration capacity, intuitive user interface, and remarkable scalability, essential factors for the growth and adaptability of the company. The choice of Fusionworks as the implementation partner was a key step in this transformation process. The decision was based on Fusionworks’ solid reputation, relevant experience in the sector, and the trust they generated from the beginning, ensuring an alliance based on a deep understanding of Antilles Insurance’s needs and objectives. The implemented solution not only modernized the operations of Antilles Insurance but also brought the advantage of customization. NetSuite ERP allowed Antilles Insurance to tailor its processes and systems to the specific needs of its business and clients, offering a flexibility that was not possible before. This level of customization has resulted in a significant improvement in operational efficiency, data accuracy, and customer satisfaction, further consolidating Antilles Insurance’s position as a leader in the Puerto Rican insurance market.


The digital transformation of Antilles Insurance has led to a series of operational and strategic improvements that have redefined the company’s effectiveness and responsiveness in the dynamic insurance market. These advancements are the direct result of implementing NetSuite ERP, a platform that has catalyzed innovation and strengthened the company’s technological infrastructure. The following details the results achieved through this initiative, which have not only optimized internal processes but also significantly improved the customer experience and Antilles Insurance’s competitive position in the industry.
Technology Modernization

The technological modernization of Antilles Insurance has been a transformative change, marking the beginning of an era of innovation and efficiency. The migration from an AS400 system to a SaaS-based solution has eliminated the dependence on outdated technologies, allowing the company to move forward with agility and confidence into the future.


In the realm of accounting, the implementation of NetSuite has been a quantum leap, providing the necessary tools to handle statutory and GAAP accounting with unprecedented efficiency. This improvement has been a pillar in the transformation of financial operations, allowing for more agile and precise financial management.


The agility in executive decision-making has been enhanced by access to real-time information, an invaluable resource that has accelerated managerial decision-making and strengthened the company's responsiveness to market changes.


The centralization of operations through a unified ERP has simplified the management of subsidiaries, creating a more cohesive and efficient workflow that extends throughout the entire organization.


In the area of finance and payments, the integration between operational systems like Majesco and the automation of processes has optimized check issuance and bank reconciliations, drastically reducing processing times and improving financial accuracy.


In the area of finance and payments, the integration between operational systems like Majesco and the automation of processes has optimized check issuance and bank reconciliations, drastically reducing processing times and improving financial accuracy.