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Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers: Achieving Remarkable Efficiency with Fusionworks' Oracle Cloud Solutions

A Story of Enhanced Productivity and Cost Savings

Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers

Founded in 1995 and now a leader in beverage manufacturing and distribution in Puerto Rico, Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers (CCPRB) faced challenges in their manufacturing, distribution, and procurement processes, including inefficient order processing and lack of real-time decision-making capabilities. Fusionworks addressed these challenges by implementing Oracle Cloud Applications, focusing on ERP & SCM solutions, which transformed CCPRB’s operational efficiency. Notable achievements include a $400k reduction in plastic purchases, an enhanced Just-In-Time production model, and improved inter-departmental collaboration. Client quotes reflect the transformative impact of both Fusionworks’ support and the implemented solutions, leading to significant business improvements and a deepened understanding of the business across departments. This story highlights CCPRB’s journey towards greater efficiency and innovation, driven by the strategic collaboration with Fusionworks and the integration of advanced technological solutions.


CCPRB faced challenges in manufacturing, distribution, and procurement processes, including inefficiencies in purchase order processing, limited inventory visibility, and delayed decision-making in manufacturing planning.

Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers


Food & Beverage



Implemented Solution

Oracle Cloud Applications (ERP), Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SMC)


Puerto Rico (3 main companies and 19 affiliates)

Application Replaced

JD Edwards ERP

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Transformative Success: Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers achieved a remarkable $400k reduction in procurement costs, streamlined processes, and enhanced efficiency with Fusionworks' Oracle Cloud Solutions.


Fusionworks implemented Oracle Cloud Applications, focusing on ERP & SCM solutions. This transformed CCPRB’s operational efficiency by integrating a centralized system for decision-making, reporting, and managing work orders.


The strategic implementation of Oracle Cloud by Fusionworks has delivered a host of transformative outcomes for CCPRB, revolutionizing their operational and procurement processes. These improvements are not only profound but also quantifiable, significantly impacting the company’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Key achievements include:
Increased Operational Efficiency

Enhanced efficiency in production capacity and reduced purchasing costs.

Enhanced Organizational Visibility

Greater visibility across the organization from top management to the shop floor, leading to smoother and more productive operations.

Cost Savings in Procurement

Achieved a $400k reduction in clear thermos shrinkable plastic purchases, coupled with an increase in box production.

Streamlined Procurement Process

Improved requisition approval flows and eradicated errors, allowing more orders to be processed per buyer.

Effective Inventory Management

Real-time insights into concentrate usage and final product production, facilitating a more efficient Just-In-Time inventory model.

Improved Inter-Departmental Collaboration

A unified system promoting synergy and teamwork, enhancing efficiency in achieving common objectives.

Informed Decision Making

A deeper and more insightful business understanding, aiding in strategic and informed decision-making.

Notable Savings

A substantial 27% of total savings were achieved through improved visibility in purchasing, enabling quicker processing of orders – a reduction from up to 7 days to 80% completion within 3 days.

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