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Grupo Colón Gerena: Driving Efficiency and Resilience with Oracle and Fusionworks

Discover How Grupo Colón Gerena Built Resilience and Streamlined Operations, Reducing Costs with Oracle Solutions

Grupo Colón Gerena

Discover the success story of Grupo Colón Gerena, a leading figure in Puerto Rico’s hospitality sector, managing renowned franchises such as Wendy’s, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden. With Fusionworks’ guidance since 2002, Grupo Colón Gerena has flourished. Explore their transformative journey, including the rapid implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud in just nine months. This accomplishment highlights Fusionworks’ expertise in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance operations and customer satisfaction.


Grupo Colón Gerena faced significant operational challenges stemming from fragmented technology systems, juggling multiple accounting systems across 15 legal entities, including popular franchises like Wendy’s, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden. This fragmentation resulted in cumbersome manual data consolidation, hindering efficient decision-making. The turning point came after Hurricane Maria in 2017, highlighting the vulnerability of local systems and emphasizing the need for a resilient solution. Opting for Oracle ERP Cloud aligned with their long-standing relationship with Oracle, offering seamless integration across their diverse portfolio. The cloud-based system provided consolidated reporting, reduced maintenance costs, and automatic updates, streamlining processes without customization. Oracle’s solution empowered Grupo Colón Gerena to focus on innovation and growth, overcoming operational inefficiencies post-disaster.
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Choose Oracle for seamless integration, cost savings, and best practices in procurement and inventory management, enhancing efficiency across all our restaurants.


Grupo Colón Gerena opted for Oracle’s products to address their operational challenges and enhance efficiency across their diverse business units. Leveraging their long-standing relationship with Oracle and the expertise of Fusionworks, they seamlessly integrated Oracle’s comprehensive system for both restaurant and real estate operations. This decision brought numerous benefits, including consolidated reporting, cost reduction in IT, regular updates, and streamlined procurement and inventory processes. The system’s resilience during adversities, such as Hurricane Maria, underscored its reliability and stability. Moreover, the standardized business processes and future-ready infrastructure prepared Grupo Colón Gerena for continued growth and expansion. Overall, Oracle’s solution, coupled with Fusionworks’ support, exceeded expectations, enabling Grupo Colón Gerena to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day operations.


Grupo Colón Gerena has reaped significant business benefits from Oracle’s solutions, facilitated by Fusionworks, resulting in measurable improvements in KPIs, system performance, and operational efficiency.
Cost Reduction

Oracle implementation led to savings in hardware maintenance, server licensing, directly impacting the bottom line.

Streamlined Processes

Integration of procurement and inventory systems optimized the supply chain, ensuring real-time data accuracy in the general ledger.

Scale and Efficiency

Consolidating 116 restaurants and 6,500 employees under one system facilitated streamlined management.

Improved Resilience

Oracle's cloud-based solutions ensured business continuity during Hurricane Maria, showcasing system robustness.

Enhanced Productivity

Automation freed management to focus on innovation and strategic growth.

Best Practices

Adopting Oracle's practices standardized operations, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Improved Collaboration

Integration of HR, POS data streamlined restaurant-level operations, reducing time and effort for data management.

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