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M.R. Franceschini Transforms Business Operations with Fusionworks and NetSuite

Customized Solutions Enhance Agility, Improve Collaboration, and Drive Sales Performance

M.R. Franceschini, Inc.

M.R. Franceschini, a family-owned business founded in the 1950s, specializes in electrical engineering, boilers, and boiler controls. Over the years, the company has grown to include manufacturing and distribution services, serving a diverse range of customers in Puerto Rico. The business is now transitioning to its third generation, maintaining a strong focus on integrating technology to streamline operations and enhance service delivery.


As M.R. Franceschini evolved, they faced the challenge of modernizing their systems to better manage their unique business processes. Their operations involved both selling inventory from a local warehouse and drop-shipping directly from manufacturers to end-users, requiring a flexible and robust system. Additionally, they needed an efficient way to handle proposals, purchase orders, invoicing, and collections while ensuring seamless integration across various functions.
M. R. Franceschini Inc

M.R. Franceschini, Inc.


Wholesale Distribution



Implemented Solution

NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM


Puerto Rico

Products or Modules Deployed

Selltis CRM, RAM

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Fusionworks customized NetSuite to meet M.R. Franceschini's unique needs, enhancing their agility and customer service. The seamless implementation improved collaboration, financial reporting, and sales performance, positioning them for future growth.


In response to these challenges, M.R. Franceschini partnered with Fusionworks to implement NetSuite, a comprehensive cloud-based business management solution. Fusionworks customized NetSuite to meet the specific needs of M.R. Franceschini, enabling them to streamline their proposal drafting, inventory management, and order processing workflows. The customizations included replicating familiar CRM screens, which facilitated a smooth transition for the team.


The implementation of NetSuite, facilitated by Fusionworks, yielded significant improvements for M.R. Franceschini:
Enhanced Collaboration

The integration of data across systems improved collaboration among team members, optimizing the sales cycle from proposals to collections.

Financial Reporting

The ability to easily create accounting reports provided the management team with a better financial perspective, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Sales Performance

The company met and exceeded their sales goals, with an improved commission structure that strategically incentivized their team.

Future Growth

With plans to move forward with NetSuite's services module, M.R. Franceschini is well-positioned to support their rapid growth and service needs.

This collaboration between Fusionworks and Oracle has not only addressed the unique challenges faced by PROMB but has also set a precedent for effective fiscal management in the public sector. The success of this project underlines Fusionworks’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and transformation in government operations.

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