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Oracle HCM Cloud transforms your organization by simplifying your workflows. It gives employees access to HR apps that are relevant, personalized, social and accessible on the device of their choice, and it provides the insight executives and managers need to make the right decisions and provide the optimal employee experience. Why have budgets, financial targets and key performance indicators if your team skills, goals, professional development and compensation are not aligned to your company’s strategy and goals? Oracle HCM is all about corporate alignment.

Workforce, talent and human resources management, find all in one place with this complete solution that will enhance your productivity and processes. Oracle HCM Cloud is a powerful tool that will help you understand, manage and optimize your company’s workforce and human resource processes, increase productivity, save costs and make smarts decisions, that will lead you to reach your business goals.

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SuitePeople by NetSuite enables your HR professionals to collect and process all the important information of your Human Capital in the same place. A Cloud-based tool fully integrated with your cloud-based ERP, it manages your employees’ lifecycle from end-to-end, and compiles important information related to their social security, labor liabilities and similar in the same view.
Access and prepare all you need to know about your employees from day one and get ready to create strategies to encourage productivity. Process every important movement of your Human Capital. Gain full visibility and expand it to other sensitive departments.


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