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Fusionworks gets North American ‘Partner of the Year 2020’ award from Prophix

We are thrilled to announce a momentous achievement in our journey. We have been awarded the prestigious North American “Partner of the Year” by Prophix, a leading developer of corporate performance management (CPM) software. This honor is particularly special as it coincides with the approach of our 20th anniversary, setting us apart among numerous firms across North America.

Reflecting on this achievement, our founding partner, Jorge Mejía, shared his insights on the evolving business landscape. He emphasized the critical need for companies, especially SMEs and other private sectors, to have robust control over their finances as they navigate the post-pandemic era. The economic shifts we’ve witnessed have reshaped business practices, making financial oversight more crucial than ever.

Our partnership with Prophix spans 16 years, during which we have empowered numerous local public and private entities to minimize human errors in financial management. Prophix’s software has been instrumental in transforming financial processes, enhancing user experiences by eliminating manual data entry and reducing reliance on Excel. This shift has significantly curtailed budget errors and bolstered decision-making.

Prophix, established in 1987 and based in Ontario, Canada, has been a beacon in the industry, enabling organizations to elevate their financial reporting and streamline budgeting processes. Their solutions have delivered substantial ROI through accelerated close times, minimized budgeting errors, and more efficient forecasting. With over 1,600 global customers, Prophix’s impact is undeniable.

John Pepelnak, NA Channels Manager at Prophix Software Inc., commended our near two-decade partnership, acknowledging our consistent sales growth and unwavering dedication to delivering the best customer experience, even amidst the challenges of 2020.

We at Fusionworks are honored by this recognition from Prophix. It reaffirms our commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of business intelligence and technology. Here’s to continuing our journey of empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions!




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