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Fusionworks Joins Forces with Oracle NetSuite for U.S. Market Expansion

We at Fusionworks are thrilled to share a milestone achievement in our journey of technological innovation. We’ve officially joined the Oracle NetSuite Partner Alliance program, a move that cements our role as a pivotal force in bringing NetSuite’s cutting-edge solutions to the U.S. market, thereby broadening our horizons into new stateside territories.

This exciting development follows closely on the heels of our recognition as the recipient of the “Best Oracle Applications” award at the Oracle FY20 Partner Summit for Central America and the Caribbean. Our alliance with Oracle NetSuite, which began in 2018 as a service provider for Latin America and the Caribbean, has seen us successfully implement NetSuite solutions for numerous companies in Puerto Rico. Now, we’re taking this winning strategy beyond our borders.

As a founding partner of Fusionworks, I, Jorge Mejía, am particularly enthusiastic about what this alliance means for our growth trajectory. “This partnership marks a significant expansion for Fusionworks America, opening doors to new markets. Oracle NetSuite is the perfect fit for growing small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a unified system for integrated and precise management of various business operations, from customer service to human capital management.”

Oracle NetSuite, globally recognized as one of the fastest-growing administrative management systems, provides a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates all essential technologies needed to run a business. This includes customer relationship management (CRM), a complete accounting cycle (ERP), supply chain (SCM), distribution, manufacturing, project management and accounting (SRP), point of sale, e-commerce, payroll, and human capital management, among others.

Our mission, both in Puerto Rico and now in the United States, is to revolutionize the business landscape by aiding organizations in becoming more innovative, efficient, and competitive. Leading the charge for Fusionworks’ expansion into the U.S. mainland, I am committed to working alongside our clients, blending business acumen with technological expertise to modernize operations across finance, human capital, marketing, and sales.

As we embark on this exhilarating new chapter, Fusionworks remains steadfast in our dedication to transforming businesses with innovative and efficient technological solutions.



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