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Fusionworks Leads the Way with Oracle NetSuite in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

At Fusionworks, we’re thrilled to announce a monumental leap in technological advancement. As a trailblazer in business solutions based in Puerto Rico, we’ve been entrusted as the local and Caribbean representative and distributor for Oracle NetSuite, a globally recognized leader in administrative management and technology systems.

Oracle NetSuite is a powerhouse, known for its seamless integration of vital business technologies. It’s a comprehensive suite that includes customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), cloud and services resource planning (SRP), and beyond. This platform is revolutionizing the business world, offering unparalleled software solutions that propel productivity to unprecedented levels.

Our very own Jorge Mejía, CPA, Director and Co-Founder, is a staunch advocate for embracing cutting-edge technology to stay competitive. “The world has transformed, and so has our business. It’s our duty to equip our clients with the latest technological advancements,” Mejía asserts.

NetSuite distinguishes itself as a native cloud computing system, boasting a clientele of over 40,000 worldwide and securing Oracle’s position as the fastest-growing system in its niche. Its 100% mobile readiness, native social network capabilities, and robust manufacturer management set it apart as the go-to solution for contemporary businesses.

Understanding the unique demands of Puerto Rico, we at Fusionworks have formed a specialized team dedicated to NetSuite, with plans to grow our resources to over 20 in the next five years. Leslie Luciano, my fellow Co-Founder, underscores the critical need for innovation, stating, “Adopt the cloud or risk being left behind.”

With our headquarters in San Juan and regional offices in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Miami, Florida, our mission at Fusionworks is to revolutionize the business landscape. We merge commercial acumen with technological prowess to modernize financial operations, human capital, and sales and marketing for diverse companies.

Our expertise isn’t confined to NetSuite alone; we’re also proficient in a range of solutions from Oracle, Microsoft, and Prophix, positioning us as a dynamic and visionary partner in the realm of business transformation.Internal:


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