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Fusionworks Secures Oracle ‘Partner Award Apps/ SaaS 2023 for Business Impact’

Fusionworks is delighted to announce the receipt of our latest recognition: the Oracle Partner Award Apps/ SaaS 2023 in the Business Impact category. This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon us during the Oracle CloudWorld event in Las Vegas, Nevada, last September.

This award is not just a trophy on our shelf; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer success. It acknowledges our efforts in leveraging Oracle’s comprehensive technology, products, and services to build a thriving business that significantly impacts a specific industry or customer segment.

The spotlight project that clinched this award for us was the seamless implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP for the purchasing process of one of our global manufacturing clients. By integrating advanced Oracle system capabilities, we enabled real-time inventory tracking, optimized production processes, and enhanced demand forecasting accuracy. The results were staggering: a 20% reduction in inventory costs, a 25% improvement in order fulfillment accuracy, a 30% reduction in production times, and a 15% increase in production efficiency, all without expanding the workforce.

Ana Mustafá, our project manager, expressed her pride in the project’s success, stating, “This project showcased our ability to create repeatable value for business expansion using Oracle’s advanced ERP technology. It not only boosted customer satisfaction but also opened new market opportunities.”

With more than two decades of experience in Oracle technology, Fusionworks continues to be recognized for its exceptional expertise and market impact. This award is a milestone in our journey, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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