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Build project plans, coordinate tasks, and hit deadlines with an innovative work management software. Asana is designed to make work easy, anytime and from everywhere.


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  • Get organized by planning - goals, workloads, milestones and dependencies.
  • Stay on track by managing effectively - tasks, conversations, approvals & reports.
  • Automate to hit deadlines - rules, templates and custom fields.
  • Connect and collaborate - Calendar, timeline and board views.

Set strategic goals and track progress in one place


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Companies that use work management software reports


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Why Fusionworks?

20 years of proven experience

Helping companies grow to their full potential. Some of the Fusionworks strategic partners include NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, and Prophix.

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With business and technology expertise. A team of good and knowledgeable professionals who help organizations become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale.

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We satisfy our customers by putting productivity tools in the hands of the people who actually use them, no matter the industry.